original handmade watercolour art by susan haley

where hues and brushstrokes tell a unique story.

my artistic work


Acquire distinctive artworks, exclusively available in my gallery. Each purchased artwork represents the sole original, granting the buyer ownership of a truly unique piece.


Commission personalised artworks tailored to your preferences. Have the artist create a bespoke masterpiece, capturing details such as your beloved pet, ensuring a truly meaningful creation.

Greeting Cards

Explore the artistic greeting cards for all occasions. Impress with unique, high-quality designs featuring a variety of motifs – a personalised and thoughtful touch for any moment.

Canvas Prints

Elevate your space with a premium canvas print of any gallery or commissioned artwork, tailored to your desired size. An excellent choice when the original has been already sold.

About the artist Susan Haley

Immersing myself in the world of watercolour painting is not just a profession, but a heartfelt passion. There’s an indescribable happiness in creating art that captivates and resonates with others. My journey to becoming an artist was shaped by a transformative course in Sydney Australia, a pivotal moment that fuelled my artistic path. Today, every stroke and hue reflects the dedication and love I pour into my craft. It’s not just about creating paintings; it’s about sharing emotions and inspiring others through the language of art.

How I work

In my artistic journey, quality is paramount. I exclusively use premium 100% cotton watercolour paper, ensuring each stroke embodies excellence. Alongside watercolours, I incorporate gouache and ink, utilizing renowned brands like Fabriano and Baohong for optimal results. As a proud member of the San Diego Watercolour Society, I continuously refine my craft. Recognition and positive feedback from happy clients fuel my commitment to creating art that speaks to the soul.

Embark on a personalized art journey!

Let me craft a bespoke masterpiece tailored to your vision. Contact me now to share your desires – the motif, the format – and let’s bring your imagination to life. Your unique artwork awaits!


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